The post explaining it all is here, but this is the short version:

  • I started a new gig as the News Editor for Publishers Marketplace, the first time I have had something approximating a full-time position in almost five and a half years. And it’s keeping me rather busy, as it should.
  • Typepad is a horrible back-end platform and I have been meaning to ditch it for years. (In fact, Moveable Type in general also sucks.) One day, the long-sought-after, much-needed upgrade to WordPress will happen, and with it a complete rethink of what the site ought to be.
  • I still keep up with the crime fiction world, obviously. I can’t not do that, especially since it dovetails significantly with what I most love to read and the latest developments in the publishing industry. But I don’t have the desire right now, and haven’t for a long time to be the uber-chronicler I once was, which I think should be patently obvious to anyone who’s showed up here the last year, if not more. Luckily there are many, many fine online establishments who have taken the slack, picked it up, and run with it. The Rap Sheet, of course. Jen’s Book Thoughts. Detectives Beyond Borders. Spinetingler. Crime Always Pays. Crimespot.net by virtue of aggregation. And the great Jiro Kimura’s The Gumshoe Site, which I firmly believe will be the last crime fiction website standing, outliving everybody. 
  • Seven years is a long time. I was 24 when I started Confessions, and I’m in my early 30s now. My entire life changed because of this blog, and I’m grateful and humbled a blog could take me from graduate student-hood in forensic science to a bookish-minded journalist and freelancer who got fiction published every now and then.
  • Which brings me to the “put up and shut up” reason of putting Confessions on ice: to spend more time on fiction. I’ve been somewhat productive in the last few months, though also aware that my writing process and method differs from several years ago. If I have to put my extra time into writing projects, fiction gets first dibs.

So thank you all, so very much, for reading, commenting and listening. I appreciate it more than I can possibly express. And it’s not like I’m hard to find.