Sunday Smatterings in the Midst of Snowstorms

Oline Cogdill selects her best mysteries of all stripes in 2009 for the Sun-Sentinel.

The Guardian’s Laura Wilson rounds up new crime offerings from Linwood Barclay, Catriona MacPherson and Tonino Benacquista.

Ron Charles is impressed with John Smolens’ fictional account of the McKinley assassination as told in THE ANARCHIST. Earlier in the week, Donna Rifkind had her say on Michael Connelly’s 9 DRAGONS in the WaPo.

Regis Behe talks with Otto Penzler about the impetus for his newest anthology THE LINE-UP.

The Los Angeles Times looks back at the last ten years – in reading, in fiction, saturated with vampires, and in stories. no matter the medium.

The movie versions of the Millenium Trilogy will be remade for American audiences, thanks to Scott Rudin.

Margo Rabb looks at those who steal books – in print and digitally – for the NYTBR.

Kate Figes once again asks UK publishers which of their books they hoped would do better — and which ones they wished they had published.

Some of those disappointments could be due to the fact that in the UK, hardback publishing fell off bigtime

And finally, it is now illegal to stick your tongue out in Italy. Oookay…