In advance of THE SCARECROW’S May 26 release, Michael Connelly talks with the WSJ about that new book, the decline and fall of newspapers, and whether Harry Bosch would work as a TV show. Also see the video prequel to THE SCARECROW directed by Terrill Lee Lankford. See also Michael Carlson’s interview of Connelly at Irresistible Targets.

Art Taylor has his say on recent crime novels by Bryan Gruley and Jefferson Bass in the Washington Post, and at his blog, Art & Literature, he has a wide-ranging interview with Christian Moerk, author of the excellent DARLING JIM.

The Minneapolis Star-Tribune has a big feature on John Sandford and the writing life he’s created in order to produce his many bestselling novels.

Terry Griggs explains in the Globe & Mail why she made the switch to writing crime fiction – about the murder of a Canadian literary critic. And to promote the book, her publisher Biblioasis has teamed up with Seen Reading for a rather unusual contest: come up with the best murder of a literary critic and there are prizes to be won…

And speaking of literary critics, they have to pay up in Russia if an author feels affronted by their work.

The Snohomish County Herald looks at one of mystery fiction’s most popular lures: all those recipes contained within the pages of the books or as extras. 

Kevin Burton Smith puzzles over why John Shannon’s Jack Liffey novels aren’t more popular thtan they are.

RIP, Eden Ross Lipson, the NYTBR’s venerable children’s books editor from 1984 to 2005.

All Things E: Motoko Rich looks at ebook piracy, Leon Neyfakh talks with the digital marketing mavens, and my NHPR Word of Mouth segment on ebook wars is available for listening. 

And finally, “it’s a honey of an O’ takes on new meaning, I suppose.