It’s CURTAIN for Poirot on TV

Few would argue that David Suchet makes an exemplary Hercule Poirot, the role he’s played on television for the last two decades. But as the Sydney Morning Herald reports, the end is in sight now that Agatha Christie’s CURTAIN – written in 1940 but not published until 1975, the year before her death – is on the horizon for filming:

Damien Timmer, the executive producer of Poirot, predicts a Curtain episode would be about two years away. "We're coming to the home stretch (of stories to film), and Suchet
has been very daunted by, but also interested in the challenge of
filming Curtain, which is the last Poirot story and which
ends very conclusively," Timmer says. "It is the final end. And that is
something we know we are a couple of years away from."

…As for 62-year-old Suchet, he said during an interview in January, that he had mixed emotions about leaving the role. "I feel two emotions, great sadness to leave him . . . but also
terrific joy if I am given the opportunity to do the complete (Hercule
Poirot) works," he said.

"We are filming four episodes this year, which will leave six more
to do and that will be the complete works. He doesn't exist after that."

In the meantime there are still several more episodes, and discussions of a feature film, but still, it is a bit odd there’s diminishing returns on source material to film in the future.