Jon & Ruth Jordan Connect the Mystery World All Over

How cool was it to see Saturday’s edition of the Chicago Tribune and find a whole article devoted to Crimespree Magazine founders, Bouchercon 2008 and 2011 co-organizers, and all around awesome people Jon & Ruth Jordan? Because Robert Elder has it exactly right:

The Jordans aren't authors, editors or even agents. But almost everyone
behind the scenes knows them and CrimeSpree Magazine, their magazine
devoted to the mystery, crime and thriller genres. To use a term from Malcolm Gladwell's
sociological study "The Tipping Point," the Jordans are "connectors":
influential enthusiasts whose energy and network ripple through this
community of writers.

Take, for example, HarperCollins author Sean Chercover ("Trigger City"). "Jon
and Ruth have had a huge impact on my career," Chercover says. Even
before his first novel was published, "they were the first people to
welcome me into the mystery community. They really made me feel at

But the Jordans' impact reaches beyond individual careers, says
Danielle Bartlett, publicity manager at William Morrow publishers. "They
are probably in the top echelon of people connecting authors to readers
and publishers to readers," Bartlett says. "They are truly the most
hard-working people I've seen in crime fiction."

  Damn straight.