John Mortimer Dies

The former barrister, satirist and creator of the much-loved RUMPOLE novels has died at the age of 85. Tony Lacey, Sir John’s publisher at Penguin, told the Times of London that he died at 6.30 GMT at his cottage in Turville Heath, near Henley, where he had lived on

and off since childhood. With him was his second wife, Penny, and his two

younger daughters, Emily and Rosie.

The news comes just a day after the Strand Magazine announced Mortimer was the recipient of the first Strand Critics Lifetime Achievement Award. “I feel honoured to be chosen to receive this Lifetime Achievement

Award on behalf of Horace Rumpole,” Mortimer said in a statement

Wednesday. “He is, of course, a truly British character and I am

delighted that he has come to be appreciated so much by his American


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