New Genre Imprint at Atlantic UK

As Quercus, the most recent UK publisher to get in on the ground with genre fiction, faces cutbacks and shortfalls, their former editorial director moves to Atlantic Books to start up a brand-new imprint, as per the release published on

Atlantic Books is to launch a new imprint, 'Corvus' dedicated to
developing Atlantic's genre fiction publishing. Its publishing director
will be Nicolas Cheetham.

Cheetham, who was previously Editorial
Director at Quercus, takes up his position on 2 February and will
report to Atlantic Publisher and CEO Toby Mundy.

He will focus in
particular on crime, thrillers and speculative fiction, building a list
of around 15 books per year. He will also produce a select list of
illustrated books. The first Corvus titles will appear in autumn 2009.

I expect submissions are already sky-high and will only increase with this news.