Literary Smackdown at the NYCIP

If you happen to be in midtown this weekend, you’re well advised to check out the goings-on at the 21st Annual Indie & Small Press Book Fair, taking place at the General Society Building on 20 West 44th Street. And on Sunday at 4 PM, a team of bloggers including Ed Champion, Levi Asher, Eric Rosenfield and yours truly will be taking on the fine folks at PEN America for a Literary Smackdown (PEN is subbing in for last year’s champs New York Review of Books, who had to pull out at the last minute.) There’s been some mild trash talk and good cheer and I’m looking forward to demonstrating what I know – and more likely, what I don’t – about trivia relating to American literature. As well as to Tim Brown’s tux-clad theatrics. See you then!