For all your National Book Awards recap needs, including links to other stories and the view from the press corps, check out my twitter feed. Ed Champion provided live podcasts and Jason Boog got video.

Maureen Corrigan names NPR’s five best mysteries of 2008, proving further how huge a fan she is of Dave Zeltserman’s SMALL CRIMES.

Ross Miller is nowhere near finished on his Philip Roth biography. (via)

Amanda Craig on the uptick of violence in children’s fiction.

The Google Life Historical Archive is amazing, amazing stuff. See what the National Book Awards was like 50 years ago or how mystery writers celebrated the Edgars in the early 1960s. (thanks, Duane)

R.I.P., Clive Barnes. More from Terry

PC Magazine will be online only as of January! Goddamn, that feels like a changing of the guard…

And finally, This guy really, really loves hedgehogs.