The newest podcast at CRIMEWAV features “Blooming”, a short story of mine that appeared in A HELL OF A WOMAN.

Is Barack Obama the new Oprah?

Val McDermid will now be a children’s author, too.

Mario Puzo’s “long-lost” novel will be republished under his own name next spring by Quercus in the UK.

Janet Maslin generally likes P.F. Kluge’s new novel GONE TOMORROW, an interesting coincidence in that I just finished reading Kluge’s fantastic earlier novel EDDIE AND THE CRUISERS.

Patrick Anderson enjoys the WWII intrigue of John Lawton’s SECOND VIOLIN.

In Reference to Murder has the scoop on the new owners of the Mystery Bookstore in Westwood.

Stephen King is a Robert Goddard fan.

Author faces off with mother in court over UGLY memoir.

Much linked, but the NYT Mag profile of Lewis Hyde is well worth reading.

Jane Cleland and her husband show off their East Side apartment.

Leon Neyfakh gets Dan Strone to talk about those seven-figure celebrity deals he’s brokering of late.

The NYRB at 45. (via)

Vampires: still hot in publishing circles.

And finally, I’d say this is a tad extreme.