Smatterings At a Time of History

So now we know. And yes, it isn’t perfect (Prop 8 WTF? And same to you, AZ) but it’s damn good to feel hopeful instead of nervous, optimistic instead of fearful. Plus I can play this all day! (via)

Leon Neyfakh tries to get a handle on the Doubleday layoffs.

Things aren’t looking so hot at Barnes & Noble.

Lots going on with the new issue of Bookslut, (like an interview with the proprietor of Idlewild Books, which I just recommended a visiting friend check out yesterday) but check especially the new Mystery Strumpet column by Clayton Moore.

Charles McGrath interviews Carolyn Chute about her “no-wing” militia in Maine.

Seven writers, including Helen Oyeyemi and Naomi Alderman, will be participating in a close read of Doris Lessing’s THE GOLDEN NOTEBOOK.

Tod Goldberg has some reservations about Larry Beinhart’s SALVATION BOULEVARD, though he admires the ideas behind the book.

Sam Jordison grudgingly recomends AND THE HIPPOS WERE BOILED IN THEIR TANKS. More at the Independent.

And finally, I’m not sure if I want to visit this or not, but damn is it fascinating.