Laura Wilson has won the Ellis Peters Historical Dagger for her WWII-era novel STRATTON’S WAR.

Ex-SAS man and thriller writer Chris Ryan is now writing saga fiction as Molly Jackson. No, really.

Linda Richards pays tribute to Elaine Flinn, as does Louise Ure and many others over at Murderati, while the LAT obit of Tony Hillerman gets quotes from Carolyn Marino, Otto Penzler, and agent Maureen Walters. 

Aravind Adiga gets a new agent after all.

Les Klinger talks up his splendid new annotated version of DRACULA with the Seattle Times.

In praise of Elmore Leonard.

Joanne McNeil wonders where the Renaissance women are hiding.

Funny, when authors try something like this it’s called vanity publishing. But when Reed Elsevier does this it’s okay? Somehow I’m thinking even this sweetened pot isn’t enough.

The Boncompagni sisters have some interesting family dynamics, that’s for sure.

Last year the Canadian dollar was strong. Now it’s weak. No wonder publishers up north are practically tearing their hair out.

Scott Timberg, Maria Russo, Veronique Turenne and Mindy Farabee are among the 75 LAT staffers who were laid off yesterday. Will the madness ever end? I think not.

It made me queasy, but yeah, I read the David Foster Wallace autopsy report.

And finally, Charles Barkley is…running for governor?!