One of the UK’s leading literary agents, Pat Kavanagh, has died from complications of a recently diagnosed brain tumor. There’s more on Kavanagh’s death over at Bookbrunch, a new UK-based site for publishing news that’s become another daily read for me.

Patrick Anderson finds Larry Beinhart’s SALVATION BOULEVARD not to be to his liking.

John Updike responds to Emily Nussbaum’s criticisms of THE WIDOWS OF EASTWICK, which Michiko likes better than the original (!!).

What are people buying while the financial crisis is going on? Cookbooks and thrillers, as it turns out.

The New York Times attends the “Woman of Letters” exhibition on Irene Nemirovsky at the Museum of Jewish Heritage. is on hiatus, and should it come back, I hope everyone gets to sit in much comfier chairs.

More on rediscovering Hindi pulp fiction.

The finalists for Bookninja’s genre-bending cover contest.

Doris Lessing discusses her love of cats with the WSJ.

And finally, the greatest song in the world in an extended mix! Also, in Spanish!