Oh, that Stephenie Meyer. On the one hand, it sucks someone leaked a partial first draft of her new book to the Internet. OTOH, was it really necessary to declare the book is on hold indefinitely and post said partial draft online? And what, pray tell, did her agent and publishers think about this particular gambit? Presumably Meyer is so popular she could deliver a phone book two years late and it would be published (and sell in gigantic quantities) but I still wonder if there isn’t more to this story.

Rick Riordan talks with Motoko Rich about his involvement with the 39 CLUES. More about the series from AP’s Hillel Italie.

Patrick Anderson raves about Justin Peacock’s debut A CURE FOR NIGHT.

Nick Harkaway talks of pseudonyms and outsized worlds with the Wall Street Journal.

Oline Cogdill throws her hat into the critical taste discussion.

Chad Pelley Q&As with Nicole Lundrigan on the occasion of the publication of her wonderful new novel THE SEARY LINE. I’ve raved about her before, but it bears repeating: she’s batshit talented and I wish her work was published more widely.

Ruth Rendell in slideshow. She is addicted to her iPod and her favorite color is pink.

Ed Champion writes of the Culture novels, tackles Loneliness, and interviews Brent Spiner.

A new issue of the Quarterly Conversation as it turns four.

I must echo all the raves for the new Plots with Guns, especially Kyle Minor’s story.

Steve Huff is blogging for pay at the True Crime Report, and even though the interface is kind of crap, content is king.

And finally, RIP Don LaFontaine. In a world where one of the greatest voice-over artists is no longer around, the light gets a little dimmer.