This is the Sound of an Exploding Head

In Act One of this story, a 57 year old woman has her dead pitbull, Booger, cloned in South Korea. Five times over.

In Act Two, the story is reported all over the world, and Bernann McKinney attracts fame and celebrity in many corners – including Britain.

Which brings us to Act Three, the discovery of McKinney’s previous life:

The secret life of the owner of the first cloned pet dog has started to emerge

after she was unmasked as the “manacled Mormon” kidnapper Joyce McKinney.

The middle-aged blonde calling herself Bernann McKinney made headlines this

week when five identical puppies were created using an ear from her dead


Confronted with allegations yesterday, she denied being the woman who fled an

Old Bailey trial in the 1970s accused of kidnapping her former lover at

gunpoint, handcuffing him to a bed and forcing him to have sex.

However, a resident of Joyce McKinney’s home town of Newland, North Carolina,

who saw footage of the woman with the cloning scientists in South Korea,

told The Times: “That’s her. That is the woman I am familiar with.”

More here and here. I wonder if she will face trial now? (thanks, Jenny D!)