Super Smatterings

Much linked to already, but Motoko Rich has kicked off a series on the future of reading.

Booksquare’s Kassia Kroszer and ex-LATBR editor Steve Wasserman debated the demise of the Book Review on NEWS HOUR WITH JIM LEHRER. Also yesterday, book editor David Ulin was on KPCC to talk about the transition to Books & Arts and gave more details to PW’s Sara Nelson. Jacket Copy’s Carolyn Kellogg explains why she cares about the changes. And related, this is hysterical.

John Connolly on the trend towards multiple books a year and why he’s loath to get on that train.

Zoe Sharp talks up her Charlie Fox novels to the Yorkshire Post.

The Boston Globe’s David Mehegan looks at the extensive marketing campaign William Morrow has prepared for Brunonia Barry’s THE LACE READER.

Patrick Anderson has only good things to say about George Pelecanos’s THE TURNAROUND.

Sayonara, audiobook cassette tapes.

Tom Vanderbilt explains the urge to merge in traffic to USA Today.

If you live in Forks, expect to see a massive horde of TWILIGHT fans.

The Washington Post’s Bob Thompson on the Two Mr. Banvilles.

Simon & Schuster want their advance money back from Foxy Brown and L’il Kim, but Foxy’s lawyer begs to differ. Related, Jean Hannah Edelstein uses the lawsuits to talk about writer procrastination.

Darwyn Cooke will adapt the Parker books into graphic novels.

The Quarterly Conversation, redesigned.

Quill & Quire talks with Morley Torgov on his switch to writing mysteries.

Time Out Chicago has a crime fiction contest judged by Michael Harvey.

RIP Rosie, a wonderful, stalwart and faithful companion.

A helpful lexicon guide to Ross Raisin’s debut novel GOD’S OWN COUNTRY (aka OUT BACKWARD).

And finally, parrots & giraffes!!!!!