Just Call Him Professor Child

At least on a temporary basis, as Lee Child has been awarded a visiting professorship from his alma mater, the University of Sheffield. From today’s press release:

“I took up the Visiting Professorship because I was very flattered to

be asked, and because I wanted to show today’s students that anyone can

succeed eventually. It took me a bit of time to get where I am today,

but once I had found my niche, something I am passionate about,

everything else just seemed to fall into place.”

He added: “I’m

really looking forward to visiting the University in November. It will

be an opportunity to engage with staff, students and members of the

local community, as well a chance to visit some of my old haunts from

my university days. I feel like I never really left Sheffield though. I

have relatives in the city and whenever I visit I always feel at home.”


Dominic Shellard, Pro-Vice-Chancellor for External Affairs, said: “The

appointment of Lee as a Visiting Professor not only recognises his

extraordinary literary talent, but also celebrates his excellence and

distinctiveness as a Sheffield graduate.

Odds are pretty good any classes Lee teaches will be SRO…