Denis Johnson, Crime Writer?

His work is dark, obviously, but straight up noir didn’t seem to be part of his fictional arsenal – until now, as per the NYT:

Beginning with its July issue, which arrives at newsstands on Friday,

Playboy will publish [Johnson’s] next novel, “Nobody Move,” in four monthly

installments of 10,000 words each, to be written on deadline each month

through the October issue. The magazine described “Nobody Move” as a

hard-boiled noir in the style of Raymond Chandler and Dashiell Hammett*, but Mr. Johnson said he was also inspired by an earlier writer. “I’ve always admired Charles Dickens, who wrote big, involved novels in monthly installments,” he said in a

statement, “and I wanted to find out what it was like. It’s a little


So if that’s the case, Johnson gets to indulge in this experience four times while Dickens, for each novel, did so, uh, at least 12? 15? But yeah, color me curious. (via)

*Cue involuntary twitch at hearing another tired Hammett/Chandler comparison when there has been excellent crime fiction written in the last 80-something years!