The Posthumous Publication of a Murdered Officer’s Novel

The NY Daily News remarks on a publication story that is both remarkable and heartbreaking:

Auxiliary cop Nicholas Pekearo was gunned down on a Greenwich Village street days after he finished his first novel about a supernatural crimefighter who can’t be stopped by bullets.

“The Wolfman” will be published Tuesday by Tor Books. 

“I wish he was here to see this happening,” says his mother, Iola Latman.

Pekearo, 28, and fellow auxiliary cop Eugene Marshalik, 19, were following gunman David Garvin

on Sullivan St. after he shot a worker at a pizzeria in March 2007. The

cops were unarmed; Pekearo was wearing a bulletproof vest he bought on eBay.


couldn’t save him when Garvin crossed the street and pumped five

bullets into Pekearo as he crouched behind a car. He then shot

Marshalik execution style in the head.

Pekearo’s name was placed on the NYPD’s Wall of Heroes last week. Newsday also has a short feature on Pekearo and his first – and last – novel.