If you’re looking for the MWA Liveblog…

it’s right here, and will be updated as much as I can from 7:30 PM onwards.

UPDATE: And that’s a wrap! The final list of winners is now up and I suspect the celebrating will go on late into the night. Of all the reactions I’ve seen, Danny Wagner of the Hungry Detective makes an interesting point:

At this point in the life of the internet and the invaluable tool it

has become for all things Crime Fiction, I am incredulous that that the

MWA can’t post

video highlights of the Award Ceremony. I don’t need the whole show

(although I’d be cool with that too), just the winner and the little

speech they may provide would be wonderful content for the MWA website.

I’ll take the less cynical route and write that this probably has been

discussed and shot down to due certain rights and author release issues.

I’d love to see it too, or even some roving reporter-style videoblogging – maybe next year? – but any and all baby steps when it comes to technology is good in my book.