We’ve Got Ourselves Another Edgar Week

And that means another Girl’s Guide, though belated since the fun has already begun…

Today kicks off the MWA’s annual symposium, now expanded to two days and dubbed “Crime Fiction University.” Lee Child, S.J. Rozan, Harlan Coben and Nelson DeMille are among those tapped to teach on topics ranging from “credible characters in credible worlds” to breaking into screenwriting to the meat of writing thrillers. Then from 6 PM on, the Mysterious Bookshop hosts the launch party for the MWA’s newest anthology THE BLUE RELIGION, edited by past president Michael Connelly. It’s also the first year there won’t be a party at the late, lamented Black Orchid bookshop, but I suspect any bittersweet feelings will be superceded by the wine and cheese at Otto’s place.

Tomorrow the Symposium continues, starting with the First Novel nominee panel hosted by Executive VP Harry Hunsicker and also featuring Doug Lyle, Katherine Ramsland and Cyril Wecht talking forensic science and later, a slew of literary agents advising would-be writers on what to do (and what not to do) when submitting manuscripts or chatting with them at the Agents & Editors party later on that day. As usual, no crashing – attendance will be strictly monitored and enforced.

Thursday is the big night, with cocktails at 6 and Al Roker hosting – so maybe the record-breaking quickness of last year’s ceremony will be superceded this time around! Whatever happens, from who wins to who is dressed the best, I’ll be blogging it live on the MWA’s website. I’ll be sitting up front tapping away on the gargantuan laptop that is my lifeline.

Friday means that Edgar Week is done, but PEN World Voices is still on – so crime aficionados should be sure to check out S.J. Rozan’s “Mean Streets” panel at 5 PM featuring Christian Jungersen, Jo Nesbo, Roberto Saviano and Juan Gabriel Vasquez.

Happy Edgars, everybody!