Smatterings, the post-LATFOB edition

The Rap Sheet has your Agatha Award winners.

At the Boston Globe, Hallie Ephron reviews crime fiction and related books by Karen Joy Fowler, Peter Abrahams and Jane Haddam.

Marilyn Stasio has her say on new books by Jack O’Connell, Domenic Stansberry, Andrea Camilleri, Mick Herron and Richard Stark.

Newsday’s Tom Beer Q&As with Reed Farrel Coleman.

Oline Cogdill understandably effuses about Jesse Kellerman’s THE GENIUS.

Anne Enright walks down those mean, mean, mean streets of Dublin with Declan Hughes’ latest novel.

Margaret Cannon reviews new crime offerings from Anne Holt, Harlen Coben, Daniel Kalla, Graham Hurley and Peter Abrahams as well as the TORONTO NOIR anthology.

The Nashville City Paper has its say on the Michael Connelly-edited anthology THE BLUE RELIGION.

Between this and this, there is some serious and unexplained manlove for Keith Gessen. I half expect to hear any minute now that he’s moved out of Prospect Heights onto the Busted Flush, you know? Related, now I know what would have made his novel work better: vampires and shape-shifters!

Jane Henderson at the St. Louis Dispatch seems hung up on the hack idea. Hey, writing for money is awesome! Especially when you get very little!

And finally, the headline. So best.