Smatterings, the LA-Bound Edition

If this week hadn’t been so travel-heavy I would have cobbled together a “Girl’s Guide to the LA Times Festival of Books” of sorts, but with Callie Miller and Tod Goldberg on the case, that’s pretty well covered. Looking forward to seeing old friends and making new acquaintances during the weekend as well as at Friday’s Mystery Bookstore extravaganza.

Josh Getlin at the LA Times devotes his weekly “Bookit” column to the movie deal for Duane Swierczynski’s THE BLONDE.

At the LAT’s Jacket Copy blog, Carolyn Kellogg chats with Denise Hamilton about her upcoming standalone mystery novel THE LAST EMBRACE.

The Valley News Dispatch previews the annual Festival of Mystery in Oakmont.

As part of an interview with AP’s Hillel Italie, Cynthia Ozick’s two PEN awards are announced.

Janine Armin & Nathaniel Moore talk up TORONTO NOIR, which they co-edited, for the Eye Weekly.

The Brooklyn Literary 100 is, well…just is. I like how Vulture whittled it down though.

Garth Stein has been anointed by Starbucks, which means THE ART OF RACING IN THE RAIN is an instant bestseller.

Ed Champion talks with Errol Morris about his new, must-see movie STANDARD OPERATING PROCEDURE.

Do not underestimate the power of green-colored pie. (via)

And finally, wow, Mike Judge is more prescient than he realizes!