Crais Switches Publishers Once More

For those keeping score, Crais’s last three books – which include July’s CHASING DARKNESS – were published by Simon & Schuster. Before that, LA REQUIEM through THE FORGOTTEN MAN were published by Doubleday, and the early Elvis Cole novels were released by Bantam first and then Hyperion. Now Crais has changed houses again and landed somewhere brand new, as per PW and Publishers Marketplace:

Robert Crais’s three new suspense novels, the first book, a sequel to last year’s The Watchman, will be published in 2009, to Neil Nyren{.dealmaker} at Putnam{.dealmaker}, by Aaron Priest{.dealmaker} at Aaron Priest Agency{.dealmaker}.

On first blush it strikes me as a good move, though I now wonder which bestselling thriller writer will take that open spot at S&S, if that hole hasn’t already been filled..