Smatterings, midweek

Reuters talks with Karen Joy Fowler about the writing life, genre vs. literary and her new novel WIT’S END.

Clea Simon has a positive view on Michael Stanley’s delightful debut mystery A CARRION DEATH.

Patrick Anderson loves Paddy Meehan, but wishes Denise Mina spent more time on the plot of SLIP OF THE KNIFE.

The Washington Post profiles WEBook
, another new start-up publisher.

Susan Hughes of CanWest News Service takes a tour of legal London.

The Independent’s Boyd Tonkin wonders whether the Arab world is ready for a literary revolution.

Rachel Donadio has been hanging out at too many literary memorials.

A day late, I know, but happy publication day to Mark for his wonderful debut HARRY, REVISED.

Another late link: the Orange Prize shortlist.

Chad Post wants to know where the American coverage of the London Book Fair has disappeared to this year. You and me both….

The last of the “Nine Old Men” has died.

And finally, a lost work of Johann Sebastian Bach unearthed! My music theory geek heart is gladdened.