Good Thing No Foul Play Was Involved

Because if this was fiction it sure as hell would be:

Terry Cottle and Sonny Graham never met, but the two men shared two very important things — a heart and a wife.

They also died the same way: Cottle, 12 years ago from a self-inflicted

gunshot wound at the Summerville home he shared with his wife, Cheryl;

the 69-year-old Graham died the same way last week outside his Vidalia,

Georgia, home that he shared with his wife, Cheryl.

When Cottle

died at age 33, his organs were donated. Graham got Cottle’s heart and

nine years later, he married Cottle’s widow. Harvey says the former golf tournament director had used a shotgun and no foul play was suspected in his death.

I fully expect to see this on either Law and Order or in a crime novel, stat.