Still more smatterings

Chetan Bhagat is India’s bestselling novelist – a task he accomplishes in his spare time from investment banking.

Scott Timberg remains on the rediscovery beat, talking with American spymaster Charles McCarry.

The LAT’s Tim Rutten has many good things to say about Joseph Wambaugh’s new novel HOLLYWOOD CROWS.

Andrew Wylie has swooped in and grabbed the right to represent Evelyn Waugh’s estate from the jaws of PFD.

Leon Neyfakh looks at the so-called self-help memoir craze, spawned before and after the runaway success of EAT, PRAY, LOVE.

Tom Rob Smith talks up CHILD 44, his soap-writing past and upcoming projects for

Christopher Rice is chatted up by the Windy City Times about his latest thriller BLIND FALL.

Heather O’Neill writes about the deadly sin of pride for the National Post.

January Magazine’s Stephen Miller looks at international crime fiction offerings from Adrian Hyland and K.O. Dahl.

And finally, another clue unearthed in the ongoing, perhaps never-ending search for D.B. Cooper.