Michiko Kakutani generally likes Colin Harrison’s THE FINDER but finds the plot rather preposterous. All I know is that the book entertained me immensely over the weekend.

Hillel Italie pores through the archives of Writer’s Digest.

Brian Stelter catches up with R.L. Stine as a new generation of kids is about to be bombarded with new GOOSEBUMPS books.

The battle between Tom Clancy and former wife Wanda still rages on in court.

Will B&N buy Borders? Goldman Sachs seems to think it would be a good idea, even if there are many compelling reasons for why it wouldn’t work.

Michael Orthofer digs into the Katie Price/Nibbie controversy.

John Emil List, the killer who put forensic sculptor Frank Bender (and America’s Most Wanted) back on the map, has died. Steve Huff has more on the story.

Ed links to the early films of Jim Henson
. “Time Piece” is one of the most brilliant things I have ever seen.

Can we stop with the David Paterson revelations, please? Does knowing he tried coke or pot or had some affairs years ago affect his ability or inability to pass the budget? Oh, silly media fixating on irrelevancy.

Jaime makes the case for LOVE AFFAIR as one of the most underrated movies of our time.

And finally, quantum physics, the Super Mario way.