Now That’s What I Call Prolific

The Yomiuri Shimbun has good reason to fete mystery novelist Jiro Akagawa – he’s just published his 500th novel:

Mystery novelist Jiro Akagawa has given a whole new meaning to the

word “prolific,” having dashed off an amazing 500 books since his first

novel appeared in 1977, it has been learned.

To the best of Japan Library of Mystery Literature Co.’s knowledge,

he is the first Japanese author of mystery novels to have published 500


According to mystery novel critic Yuzuru Yamamae, “Dorakyurajo no

Butokai” (The Ball at Castle Dracula), published by Kadokawa Shoten in

January, is Akagawa’s 500th original work. However, Akagawa claims,

using slightly different criteria, that “Mikeneko Homuzu no Sawakai”

(Calico Cat Holmes’ Tea Party), the latest volume in his popular series

published in February by Kobunsha Co., is his 500th.

The 60-year-old Akagawa began his career writing crime fiction, usually of the humorous variety, in 1976. “I didn’t particularly have a target of 500 novels in mind, but the

number of my publications just kept growing. I don’t know if I can make

it to the 600th novel, but as long as readers wait for my works, I’d

love to continue writing,“Akagawa said. I dunno, I think he has a good shot at 600….