More on Cronenberg Book Deal

A while back Canadian director David Cronenberg inked a book deal with Penguin Canada, and now the Bookseller reports on the UK deal for CONSUMED (with HarperCollins)and some additional information on the book itself, a debut novel slated for completion in 2009:

The novel is about a married couple who are investigative

journalists. The woman is reporting  on a bizarre crime in Paris where

a wife has been killed (and possibly eaten), and her husband has

disappeared. The male journalist is also in Europe, writing about the

doctor behind an unorthodox new cancer treatment, which involves

planting radioactive material near the illness.

[4th Estate editor Mark] Richards said that Consumed had taken its cue from J G Ballard’s fiction (Cronenberg directed the film of Ballard’s Crash). “It’s that sense of a reality that has gone slightly askew,” he said.

Which sounds very, very Cronenbergian, to be sure…