I Blame Daylight Savings Time for This

Normally I don’t blog much about politics and current events, but I’m still picking up my jaw from the Spitzer scandal, like just about everybody else. For example, it was topic one among those working at the mail drop where I make regular visits to pick up books that have just arrived and they never talk about political-related stuff. But when the story is about variations on a theme of “Spitzer WTF”, no wonder people are paying attention (not to mention that “Client Number Nine” has now been instantly enshrined as a phrase, with a Searchers-like parody in store, no doubt.)

News stories will be appearing round-the-clock for the next few days and I hope some of them answer my burning question: what’s Spitzer really hiding? Because his quick admission smacks of a McGreevey-like smokescreen, where sex scandal may well mask greater financial improprieties. And will the NYT’s vigilant sniffing uncover the whole story, or is this destined to stay a tawdry, if highly addictive story with many more twists and turns in store?

UPDATE: This is why it is good to have an older brother who can write rhyming song lyrics at a near-instant.