After reading this now I want to pick Roslyn Targ’s brain for glamorous publishing stories.

Also in publishing, Little, Brown’s Pat Strachan chats about her career with Poets & Writers. (via)

Minette Walters previews her role on the upcoming UK reality show

German students will study the Holocaust with the help of comics.

Sayonara, Quills. And won’t anyone give Reed Business Information a new home?

Otto Penzler surveys the mystery magazine landscape.

Eurocrime points to an interview with Tom Rob Smith, whose debut novel CHILD 44 is just about the most hyped thing going right now.

It’s Richard Price week at the NBCC blog and Things I’d Rather Be Doing rounds up the offerings so far.

Somehow I forgot to link to Sam Leith’s profile of Robert B. Parker in the Telegraph, which confirms all the writing first draft stuff and makes me wonder what would happen if RBP, well, slowed down a bit.

Also on the old link front: Andrew Taylor reviews new crime novels by Stieg Larsson, R.N. Morris and John Harvey for the Spectator.

Christopher Brookmyre offers tips to Dundee schoolchildren on how to write crime fiction.

T.C. Boyle editorializes on the impending closing of Dutton’s
in Brentwood.

And finally, life imitating art in a most brutal way.