The Sacramento Bee meets James Hall, who tries to shed light on why there are so many crime writers in Florida.

Oline Cogdill tells the story of mystery writer E.L. Merkel and his son Jeff
, who emerged as one of the heroes of the recent shootings at Northern Illinois University.

James Patterson wants to dominate the YA market with co-op on main bookstore tables.

The Observer’s Leon Neyfakh gets quite a scoop: Marisha Pessl traded agents (to Binky Urban) and publishers (to Random House) for her new novel NIGHT FILM, which she expects “to finish in several years.” Ah, the longer to delay the onset of sophomore slump…

Harvard President Drew Gilpin Faust is an unexpected bestseller, as the Boston Globe discovers.

Marcia Preston chats with the Edmond Sun about her new novel, TRUDY’S PROMISE.

The Washington Post’s Scott Moore goes to the annual Toy Expo and reports back on what he finds.

I know I’ve read a version of this before but still, I suspect authors are going to hate this guy.

Eminem gets a book deal. Or does he?

Jean Hannah Edelstein comments on the new trend of “chaste lit.”

Nigel Beale talks of Karl Marx, copywriter and James Wood as Irresponsible Self.

Megan Abott discourses on the DVD release of David Fincher’s knockout film ZODIAC.

If you’re looking for the Book Standard – which I have to admit, I hadn’t for a long time – it’s officially dead.

Raymond J. Smith, husband of Joyce Carol Oates and publisher of the Ontario Review, has passed away.

And finally, Dr Mabuse redux?