More Smatterings


Street Journal Europe chats with Olen Steinhauer]1 about espionage, the fall

of communism and his upcoming novel. /o:p


Toledo Blade has a profile of Marcus Sakey]2, whose new crime novel AT THE

CITY’S EDGE is just out. /o:p

Though the DI Joe Faraday series was a calculated gambit on Graham Hurley’s

part, he tells the Guardian’s Chris Wiegand [why

that gambit has paid off handsomely]3./o:p


Rich article one]4: on Brian Selznick and his Caldecott-winning novel THE



Rich article two]5: on Daniel Menaker’s new venture, which so far only

features authors who live in /st1:city New York City. Coincidence or a low budget in desperate need of

puffing up should a fairy godmother corporate sponsor show up? I do wish

Menaker well, but I hope the program is more Cavett and Snyder and less Maher

and Rose.


Scott Timberg [extols

the awesomeness that is Lydia Millet]6. /o:p

Margaret Truman Daniel, who later in life became well-known for her mystery

novel career, [died

at the age of 83]7. /o:p


am so glad Leon Neyfakh reports things like these]8 because I love stoopid

publishing tricks like scheduling important meetings during Super Bowl Sunday.

Way to rally the troops, especially if there’s a no Blackberrying rule in

effect. /o:p


oldest bookstore is about to close]9. Bah. /o:p

And finally, you’ll never hear Van Halen the same way again.