At the Washington Post, Bethanne Patrick is chilled by John Grisham’s THE APPEAL and Patrick Anderson finds Douglas Preston’s new thriller BLASPHEMY to be “entirely readable.”

Thank goodness Joan Brady refutes the nonsense perpetuated last week about her being “reduced” to writing thrillers in this interview with the Guardian’s Stuart Jeffries.

Congratulations, Jessica!

Debut novelist Charles Bock, who’s been getting quite a bit of attention of late, chatted with me over at about the process, missing children, and how an accompanying CD came about.

Yes, it is the end of Brian K. Vaughan’s comic Y: THE LAST MAN. USA Today tracks the 60-volume series and why fans are weeping it is coming to a close. NY Magazine’s Vulture blog also talked with Vaughan.

PW has the scoop on Bookforum’s upcoming editorial reshuffle.

After reading this obit, I think I’ll track down the works of the recently deceased Theodora Keogh. (via)

Robert Weaver is remembered for his legendary editing skills by Robert Fulford. (via)

Ed goes hunting at the U.S. Copyright Office
and reports back some fascinating results.

Winnipeg resident Andrew Davidson tells his local paper, the Free Press, what it was like to win the literary lottery.

And finally, these are certainly musical pasts to forget. Oh yes.