Patry Francis Blog Day

Today, over 300 writers, editors and bloggers are joining forces to support Patry Francis in her battle against cancer and spread the word about the just-released paperback edition of her debut novel THE LIAR’S DIARY. Susan Henderson at LitPark has many more details, as does organizer Laura Benedict, including links to all the participants, the book trailer, an audio clip, and much more.

As Francis’s agent, Alice Tasman, told Shelf Awareness this morning, “The hook here isn’t cancer (though Patry’s incredible spirit and grace under these difficult circumstances should be an inspiration to us all!) but that the writing community–not known for its fraternity–is banding together and using the Internet to market books in a profoundly new way. Patry has captured and inspired world-wide attention. Just how far can the power of the Internet and the goodwill and generosity of the literary community take this?” Very far indeed, I suspect.