UK Crime Fiction Advertised

Century, one of the major imprints of Random House UK, has inked a nine-month sponsorship deal with the FX channel to advertise select crime fiction authors on crime shows. The Bookseller has the details:

A nine-month television sponsorship campaign will see CHA authors

James Patterson, John Grisham, Kathy Reichs, Karin Slaughter and

Richard Montanari promoted on the FX channel’s top crime shows.


deal, which CHA says is the publishing industry’s longest-ever TV

sponsorship, will focus on nine titles from the five authors and will

sponsor three of FX’s most popular crime series: “24”, “NCIS” and “The

Wire”. Each month will focus on a new title, sponsoring 15 hours of

programming per week. The deal will encompass two 15-second adverts to

begin and end each episode, alongside six five-second “break-bumpers”

coming in and out of the commercial breaks.

The same item also breaks the news of a new novella by Karin Slaughter:

Martin Misunderstood tells the story of an accountant who

feels that life is passing him by, and who takes refuge in his love of

crime fiction. So immersed is he in the stories that he fails to notice

crimes going on all around him, until a co-worker is brutally murdered

and he finally sees his chance to shine.

Kate Elton, Arrow

publishing director, described it as “both a gripping short thriller

and a cracking canter through the crime fiction genre,” promising that

“Karin’s going to have a lot of fun with Martin’s love of crime


The novella will be published in paperback this fall.