Soho Press’s New Mystery Imprint

Though the news broke in a soft way when the Spring/Summer 2008 catalog went out to booksellers and reviewers, Soho made it official last week: they have scooped up a number of books published in the UK by Constable & Robinson that were normally republished here by the shuttered imprint Carroll & Graf, and are repackaging them under the name Soho Constable starting in April. PW has more details, with Soho Publisher Laura Hruska explaining that that the print runs for the books will vary, ranging from 3,000 to 10,000 depending on the popularity of the writer. Hruska also noted that the imprint will also, in the future, release some

classic mysteries; the second list of nine titles, for example, will include Peter

Lovesey’s Sergeant Cribb series. Among the titles on the first list are Reconstruction by Mick Herron and The Rough Collier by Pat McIntosh.