Overstuffed Smatterings

The National Post caught up with Sleuth of Baker Street co-owner J.D. Singh to talk about the bookstore and the 25th anniversary of its current ownership.

Margaret Cannon reviews new crime novels from Ruth Rendell, Robert B. Parker, Jon Redfern, Suzanne Brockmann, Caro Soles, M.C. Beaton and Anne Perry.

Janet Maslin’s review of MATALA enables me to ask this question: what the heck happened to Craig Holden? His early books were wonderful, but with this and the earlier (and just as short) book THE NARCISSIST’S DAUGHTER, I can’t help but think something’s gone wrong though I can’t quite pinpoint it.

Patrick Anderson admires the passion inherent to Thomas Lakeman in CHILLWATER COVE.

The Scotsman’s Gerald Kaufman looks at recent mysteries by Matt Rees, Marshall Karp and Michael Gregorio.

Adam Woog picks his favorite crime fiction titles of 2007.

Was it a dismal year for books? That’s the thrust of Scott Timberg’s piece in the LA Times.

Guy Gavriel Kay wonders how technology is changing the way we read and write.

The Chicago Sun-Times talks with Theresa Schwegel, who recently moved back to her hometown after a decade in LA.

It took a while to see print but Mia Geiger’s profile of Otto Penzler appears in the Denver Post.

It’s being linked everywhere, but James Meek’s Guardian piece on looking up words he didn’t know is well worth reading.

The New Yorker weighs in on the whole Gordon Lish/Raymond Carver controversy.

And finally, am I the only one who read this, made an acronym out of the amalgamated name and realized it’s the parent company of PLAYBOY? Of course I am. Moving right along…