Monday Morning Smatterings

Janet Maslin has found another female crime writer to praise in Theresa Schwegel.

Patrick Anderson generally likes Jo Nesbo’s THE REDBREAST, except for naming issues.

Clea Simon makes the case for Richard Marinick’s IN FOR A POUND.

David Baldacci gets a lengthy writeup in USA TODAY.

NY Mag’s Sam Anderson rounds up his 2007 in books.

20 years later, THE BONFIRE OF THE VANITIES holds up rather differently.

Clayton Moore’s Bookslut column has a decidedly dangerous edge to it.

Ed Champion puts Ian Rankin’s early novel WATCHMAN in perspective for the LA Times.

Scott Timberg does the same, in a manner of speaking, with regards to Robert Heinlein.

At Bloomberg News, Charles Taylor has his say on crime novels by Henry Chang and Gabriel Cohen.

The Walrus asks Canadian writers to write noir stories in their home cities, like Halifax and St. John’s.

The NBCC publishes its Ethics in Reviewing survey, about which I’ll probably have more to say later.