I Would Pay Money To See This in Action

Because, it’s priceless:

ROME (AP) — Your honor, I thought I saw a pussycat! Tweety may

finally air his signature complaint in front of a judge, after an

Italian court ordered the animated canary along with Mickey Mouse,

Donald Duck and his girlfriend Daisy to take the witness stand in a

counterfeiting case.

In what lawyers believe was a clerical error

worthy of a Looney Tunes cartoon, a court in Naples sent a summons to

the characters ordering them to appear Friday in a trial in the

southern Italian city, officials said.

The court summons cites

”Titty, Paperino, Paperina, Topolino” — the Italian names for the

characters — as damaged parties in the criminal trial of a Chinese man

accused of counterfeiting products of Disney and Warner Bros.

But as Disney Company Italia VP Florenza Sorrotto points out, ‘Unfortunately they cannot show up, as they are residents of Disneyland.”