When So Little Says So Much

It’s just a one-line deal memo and yet it has the weight of a million paragraphs:

“Film director David Cronenberg’s first novel, to Nicole Winstanley at

Penguin Canada, in a pre-empt, by Andrew Wylie of The Wylie Agency.”

Oh please live up to the promise. Please please please.

UPDATE: The Orlando Sentinel movie blog has a few more details, namely that the book won’t be published until 2010 and that it is partially set in Toronto. Said

Nicole Winstanley, Executive Editor at Penguin Group Canada: “I wrote David Cronenberg several months ago to inquire about whether or

not he’d consider writing a novel. His films demonstrate a deep

understanding of the human condition that could translate into fiction

brilliantly so I’m delighted that he has decided to take this challenge

on and I’m really looking forward to working with him.”

UPDATE TWO: The Globe & Mail reports that the deal is “believed to be between low and mid-six figures” and that Winstanley bought Canadian rights “on the basis of a few pages.”