Quick Links

The New Statesman’s Tabish Khair explains why Peter Hoeg’s THE QUIET GIRL (which I’m reading right now) provoked some degree of discussion when it was published in Denmark last year.

Borat makes an appearance in LA to sign his new book and USA Today is there to report on the shenanigans.

Signs of Ian Rankin’s global fame: he’s appearing in Dubai this week.

Peter Robinson provides his playlist to the NYTBR’s Dwight Garner.

Susanna Yager reviews new crime novels by John Hart and James Cherry.

Sarah Lyall at the New York Times catches up with Booker Prize winner Anne Enright, enmeshed in controversy for her essay about the McCanns.

J.T. Ellison Q&As with the Nashville Scene about her debut novel ALL THE PRETTY GIRLS.

Radar reviews the mammoth and wonderful BLACK LIZARD BIG BOOK OF PULPS. 

The fall issue of Thrilling Detective is finally here!

The letters of Arthur Conan Doyle reveal a love triangle in the making, at least in the Daily Mail’s spin is to be believed.

And finally, this is supercute. (via.)