Maureen Jennings Escapes Drowning

But not without cost, as the Orlando Sentinel’s Laurin Sellers reports:

COCOA BEACH – Maureen Jennings believed there would be a happy ending.

Even as she and her two would-be rescuers struggled against the violent

rip current, the popular Canadian mystery writer said Tuesday that she

was sure they would all emerge safely to marvel at such a “close one.” She never imagined only two of them would make it out alive.

Fred Hunt, 51, who had been strolling down the Brevard County beach

Monday morning when he was summoned to help, lost his life trying to

save someone he had never met.

   “He died a hero,” said Jennings, 68, who was still shaken by the tragic outcome.

More here, here and here. My thoughts are with Jennings and her husband Iden Ford, a longtime reader of this site.