Patrick Anderson juxtaposes the supposed end of Easy Rawlins with the end of Nathan Zuckerman, which is a pretty neat trick.

More from the Quills, which had its awards show near Lincoln Center last night.

Elmore Leonard discusses the book based off of his vaunted 10 Rules of Writing, which can be won at the Rap Sheet if you come up with a nifty limerick.

The St. Louis Dispatch has a Q&A with Scott Phillips
, whose next book should come out already because I want to read it now. Will anyone listen to me?

Maud Newton and Kate Christensen talk of THE GREAT MAN, gender differences and why being labeled “disposable fluff” was the best thing to happen to her career.

Ed Champion rereads Edmund Wilson’s genre-bashing columns
and wonders why the great critic couldn’t get rid of his biases and blinders.

$1.2 billion missing? WTF??

And finally, stay safe, SoCal.