Picture of the Day

Dennis Lehane with fiancee Dr. Angela Bernardo at Monday’s premiere for GONE BABY GONE. But what’s more interesting is this snippet from the same Boston Herald article I snatched the picture from:

Lehane’s pal, WBZ-TV newsman David Robichaud, was also in the author’s posse. Seems Robi was supposed to take his mom, Carol, to the event but she took ill at the last minute and had to miss it.

So Dennis sent David home with a little something to cheer up Mama

Robi – a signed manuscript of his new book about the 1918 Boston police

strike. In it, Dennis wrote, “all the bad words in this book were your

son’s idea!”

So yes, looks like the book’s done, finally. And, as per the grapevine, Lehane submitted the manuscript in question to his US and UK publishers earlier this month.