Those Poe Wars Keep Ragin’ On

Duane Swierczynski has a great recap of recent developments and reactions in the wake of Ed Pettit’s City Paper cover story earlier this month. My favorite of the bunch? Hands down, Philly Inquirer critic Carlin Romano’s summation in poetry:

It was many and many a year gone by,

In a city gone way low,

That a writer there died and there may lie,

By the name of E. Allan Poe.

And this writer he died with no other thought

Than to rise, pack it up, and go.



Philly claimed him, as Bawlmor did too,

In that city gone way low.

But a blogger gave proof that was more than proof

Of who gets what’s left of Poe.

And all Baltimore’s zinged insults under Heaven,

Couldn’t stop our big Mo.

The rest is at the above link, as is a citywide poll where Philly and Baltimore can duke it out for Poe supremacy, but just like Duane, “I have a feeling this shit’s about to turn as dark and murky as a cask of amontillado.” Also, here’s some grist for the mill: why do you think this is one of my favorite coffee shops in Manhattan?