…and yet more links

Now that the Frankfurt Book Fair has shut up shop until next year, the coverage is that much more widespread. The NYT’s Motoko Rich uses the Stein siblings – editor Lorin and scout Anna – as the lens through which she views the Fair; Reuters reports on this year’s “most stolen book”; Carole Cadwalladr attended the fair with mixed results; The Literary Saloon rounds up more FBF-related links; and someone tried to attack the German president after he visited FBF.

Vanessa Grigoriadis has a long, long, LONG piece on Gawker, its place in the NY stratosphere and why working there will almost automatically mess with your head, steal your soul and turn you inside out unless you get out really fast.

Getting Bill Watterson to review the new Charles Schulz bio: genius.

MISTER PIP is the Booker Prize favorite, which would be fine by me, but let’s see what happens when the award is handed out tomorrow.

The Longview, Washington Daily News congratulates Lyndsey Farber Lehner for snagging a book deal about Sherlock Holmes investigating Jack the Ripper, which she’ll write under the pseudonym Lyndsay Faye.

The Globe & Mail’s James Adams is the latest to ask Ian Rankin if this is the end of the line for Rebus.

Salon has a fascinating joint interview with a seriously brainy couple, Steven Pinker & Rebecca Goldstein.

Ben Affleck talks to Charles McGrath about his director-only project
, the upcoming, much-anticipated GONE BABY GONE.

The New Yorker on David Simon and the new season of THE WIRE with its newspaper-centric focus.

And congrats to Dan Fesperman for winning the Hammett Prize!