Late-morning smatterings

Your Nobel Prize winner for literature is…Doris Lessing. Which is a totally cool, very unexpected pick.

Irene Sege’s review of the new Spenser has me wondering about review-proof authors again. Is it really relevant to review the latest Spenser book, or to look at a grouping of several in a critical essay, or the whole damn series, 35 novels strong? Because how many new-to-RBP readers are there at this point who start with the new book and work their way back?

Peter Lovesey is the winner of this year’s Short Story Dagger
from the CWA.

John Holt digs William Kent Kreuger’s latest novel
, THUNDER BAY, in this piece for the California Literary Review.

The Frankfurt Book Fair is well underway and a survey taken by attending industry professionals reveals that many believes books are here to stay but bookstores may not. John Freeman’s also in Frankfurt with a reminder of the disconnect between what’s published in the US and what may never cross the Atlantic from other countries.

A new book collects letters sent to Adolf Hitler while he was in power.

Orion wins a landmark libel case that could have ramifications for all publishers of non-fiction in the UK.

Read Duane Swierczynski’s editor’s letter in this week’s Philadelphia City Paper.

And finally, the Gipper is exhumed but no one really knows why.