Kacey Kowars interviews me for the second time. Funny how every time I talk to him corresponds to a major change in my professional life.

The Anchorage Daily News had a nice roundup of goings-on at Bouchercon over the weekend.

Amazon & Penguin and Borders & are getting into the novel contest fame. Interesting that all companies involved seem to think it requires an American-Idol style competition to get novels published and not, say, self-help or narrative non-fiction…

Jennifer Lee Carrell describes her writing journey to the Arizona Star.’s Evelyn Shih talks with Dave White about WHEN ONE MAN DIES, teaching 8th graders and being an early Sherlock Holmes fan.

Sunday’s Boston Globe also featured Hallie Ephron’s crime column, where she reviews new books by  Steve Hamilton, Zoe Sharp and William Lashner. 

Kiel Phegley chats with Jonathan Lethem
about the author’s newest venture: writing the revived OMEGA UNKNOWN comic book series.

Ed Champion, not such a fan of Ann Patchett.

Michiko kinda, sorta likes the new Philip Roth

Scott Timberg reveals when self-publishing can work
: for a city guidebook. Otherwise it’s just a big ole cash grab to sucker people into thinking they are “authors”. 

The new Sony reader looks to be kinder, svelter, sleeker, that sort of thing.

Iceland has made the movie of JAR CITY its official Oscar selection.